Aviation Records In The Jet Age

Author: William A. Flanagan
Publisher: Specialty Press
ISBN: 1580072305
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This book tells of famous record-breaking flights throughout history, focusing on the exciting time following World War II when new speed, altitude, and endurance records were broken on an almost-routine basis.

Congressional Record

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Although NASA's official mission does not go farther towards helping U.S. aircraft
manufacturers compete, this alone does provide Some competitiveness benefits
to U.S. firms. ... The prototype itself drew heavily on advances made in the B-47
and B-52 bomber programs, including the flexible ... Defense and Commercial
technologies have been gradually diverging since the beginning of the jet age, ...

Cold War At 30 000 Feet

Author: Jeffrey A. Engel
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Anglo-American technology controls, aircraft sales, and trading with the enemy at
the dawn of the jet age Jeffrey A. Engel ... Its leaders throughout the first half of
the Cold War consistently argued (with naysayers heard only behind closed
doors) ... This was especially the case for Washington's China policies after
Sputnik and other advances proved the Soviet Union's ... two 5 For "calculated
risk," see National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), Record Group
59, Lot Files.

Aviation Week Space Technology

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As the box to the left attests, GE's jet engines have scored many world-wide
records. Yet, today, the FPD engineers whose breakthroughs helped establish
the original records are engineering new ways to top ... CONNECTICUT first in
VTOL aircraft SIKORSKY invites you to investigate these space age careers:

Jet Age Airlanes

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Advances, representing the latest technology in the state of the aircraft sound-
proofing art, will be built-in equipment on ... sacrificing any of the comfort,
convenience or safety features which have built a truly impressive operational
record for ...

Skystreak Skyrocket Stiletto

Author: Scott Libis
Publisher: Specialty PressPub & Wholesalers
ISBN: 9781580070843
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The Douglas D-558-1 Skystreak, D-558-2 Skyrocket, and the X-3 Stiletto were among the first aircraft to blend airframe to powerplant in ways that set the standard for many modern-day aircraft designs.

Aviation Week Including Space Technology

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Heading for Record Profits An-TO Starts Moscow-Simferopol Schedule Aeroflot ...
roominess, seating luxury, quietness, comfort, convenience, and many other
advances made possible by the DC-8. ... Along with the development of the
aircraft itself has gone a careful program of preparing United Air Lines for the Jet
Age— in ...

American Aviation

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AVIATION'S PROGRESS and the speed of its technology were demonstrated in a
negative fashion just a few weeks ago. While six and seven million dollar jets
were giving world commerce a new rhythm, the giants of the airways of just a few
... propelled the airline industry to record profits, are still flying many routes safely
and not with unreasonable economic drag. But their days are numbered almost
in the same ratio as the birth of new turbine- powered planes can be expected
from ...

Pushing The Envelope

Author: Harold Rabinowitz
Publisher: Metro Books
ISBN: 9781567995961
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Using a Whittle-style axial jet engine, and in a plane very similar to the aircraft in
which Geoffrey de Havilland lost his life in ... If an aircraft could reach Mach 1 and
continue aloft to beyond 1 .2, a new set of equations and airflow dynamics would
... to press their technology of the jet engine into service and to seize the
opportunity to lead aviation into the jet age and ... that the first aircraft to break the
sound barrier would be carried aloft in the bay of a larger aircraft, establish its
records, ...


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High-Bypass Technology in 10-Ton Class Low Noise Technology Active
Clearance. The Lynn test cell, the first test cell of the first jet eng Forces in the
Orient, the Japanese production of jet planes never got beyond an early stage. ...
Whatever studies were made showed that gas turbines would be too heavy for
aircraft use. ... whom Frank Whittle stayed — on a temporary assignment to help
GE launch the jet age — had no idea of the Englishman's identity or what his visit
was all about.