Annals Of The King S Royal Rifle Corps Vol 1 The Royal Americans

Author: Lieut-Col. Lewis Butler
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited
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nominally at peace; and under the guidance of the Prime Minister, the foolish and
incompetent Duke of Newcastle, little or no effort was made towards military
preparation. But Maria Theresa, Queen of Austria, was burning to fight Prussia
and recover the province of Silesia. France backed her up; so did Russia.
Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, consequently sought an ally, and although
on bad terms with his uncle, George II of England, cleverly inveigled him into an
alliance by the ...


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6. Novella net 2 T“'O Lyrics. 1, A Prayer; 2, A Question. The words by H. Ernest
Hunt. The music by Emmeline Brook. Folio, swd, pp. 5. Novella . .. net 2/ Natural
History, Zoology and Biology. SMALLWOOD (W. M.) A Text-Book of Biology. 8vo.
Buillii'rc ....................................................... .. net 10/6 Nautical. COLE (Sanford D.) '
chant Shipping Acts. 8vo, pp. 2.46; J. Brown - Naval and Military. BUTLER (L.)
The Annals of the King's Royal Rifle Corps. Vol. 1. The Royal Americans. Roy.

Defenders Of The Frontier

Author: Kenneth P. Stuart
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The exception was the Seneca. 2 The Royal Green Jackets, one of the crack
regiments of the British Army, are the direct descendants of the Royal Americans.
George B. Fisher, "Brigadier General Henry Bouquet," Pennsylvania Magazine of
History and Biography, III (April 1879), p. 125. 4 Ibid. 5 Bouquet Papers, Forbes to
Bouquet, June 27, 1758, 21640, f. 70. 6 Lewis Butler, The Annals of the King 's
Royal Rifle Corps, vol. I, p. 1 . 7 This rifle is often misnamed the Kentucky rifle
despite ...

The Cambridge History Of The British Empire

Author: John Holland Rose
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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Balch, T. The French in America during the War of Independence. ... A translation
. . .of'Les Francois en Ameriqve pendant la guerre de I' independence des £tats-
Unis." 2 vols. Philadelphia, 1891-5. Butler, Col. L. Annals of the King's Royal Rifle
Corps. Vol. 1 (The Royal Americans.) London, 19 13. Callwell, Sir C. E. Military
Operations and Maritime Preponderance. . .. London, 1905- Carrington, H. B.
Battles of the American Revolution, 1 775-1 781 .... New York, 1876. Washington
the ...

The Childers Childears Family

Author: Sally Ann Ivy
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Butler, Stuart Lee, Virginia Soldiers in the United States Army, 1800-1815 (
Athens, GA, Iberian Publishing Company, 1986) Butler, Lewis, (formerly Captain
in the Regiment), The Annals of the Kings Royal Rifle Corps (London, Smith,
Elder & Co., 1913), Volume 1 "The Royal Americans." Location: British National
Army Museum Library. Royal Hospital Road, Chelesa, London SW3 4HT. Catton,
Bruce, This Hallowed Ground (New York, Washington Square Press, Pocket
Books, 1961).


Author: Michael Trinkley
Publisher: Chicora Foundation Incorporated
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Burton, E. Milby and Warrant Ripley 1991 South Carolina Silversmiths, 16Q0-
1860. Contributions 10. The Charleston Museum, Charleston, South Carolina.
Burtt-Davy, Joseph 1914 Maize: Its History, Cultivation, Handing, and Uses.
Longsmans, Green and Company, London. Butler, J on 1983 The Huguenots in
America: A Refugee People in New World Society. Harvard University Press,
Cambridge. Butler, Lewis 1913 The Annals of the King's Royal Rifle Corps, vol. 1:
The Royal ...

The Best Books F History And Historical Biography G Archaeology And Historical Collaterals

Author: William Swan Sonnenschein
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King's Royal Rifle Corps Butler, Col. Lewis ' Annals of K.R.R.C, vol. i : Royal
Americans 25/ r 8° Smith & Elder 13 „ The same : Appendix : Uniforms, Armamt.,
Equipmt. ; col. pi. 15/ r 8° Sm. & E. 13 Hutton, Sir Edw. History of King's Royal
Rifle Corps : 1755-1915 1/ 8° Warren, Wines. [ ] 17 King's Royal Rifle Corps
Chronicle 5/ 8° Warren, Wines., ann. Wallace, N. W. Chronicles of K.R.R. Corps ;
pi. (some col.) 21/ 8° Harrison 79 Lancashire Fusiliers Smyth, B. History of the
20th Regiment ...

Dictionary Catalog Of The Research Libraries Of The New York Public Library 1911 1971

Author: New York Public Library. Research Libraries
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33cm. No. 70 of 100 copies printed. 1. Someo, American. I. Title. non a 10.06 ~~~
~ I ol. (LC1, X1) D-17 k;23 BUTLER, LA PAYETTE. - Who's who in the soo.
Chasleton, Pa.; Privately printed, 1967. loo. 23 of 100 copies printed. 15 le 23cm.
1. ... Lewis william Groago, 1846- - annals of the King's Royal Rifle corps. (Card 3
) --Appeadin, dealing with uniform, armament and eosipment, by 8.M. Milne and
Major General Astley Terry. London: omith, Elder & Co., 1813. viii. 42 p. 1. Amy.

The King S Quiet Commandant At Michilimackinac

Author: Todd E. Harburn
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43 Author's personal communication, letter of 9 November 1996, with Colonel (
Retd) l.H. McCausland, Museum Director, The Royal Green Jackets Museum,
Regimental Headquarters, Peninsula Barracks, Romsey Road, Winchester,
Hants, England S023 8TS; also contained in Lewis Butler, The Annals of the
King's Royal Rifle Corps, (London, England: Smith, Elder & Co., 1913), Vol. 1, pp.
296-98. 44 Captain Thomas Southey, Chronological History of the West lndies, ln
Three ...

Congressional Record

Author: United States. Congress
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From a British historical viewpoint, an excerpt from the Annals of the King's Royal
Rifle Corps, vol. 1, by ... The latter was empty, for the government of Pennsylvania
, with incredible perversity—to use the expression of the American historian,
Parkman—had refused to garrison it, and Bouquet was obliged to hand some of
his precious ammunition and ... Ninety-five miles, since the start from Carlisle,
had been marched in '1 days—under the circumstances a remarkable