American Horticultural Society Pruning And Training

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Filled with specially commissioned photographs and detailed "before-and-after" illustrations, this guide offers all the information gardeners need to maintain attractive, well-pruned, and trained trees, shrubs, climbers, roses, and fruit.

Practical Winery Vineyard

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Adoption of the GDC Ironically, the GDC has been more widely adopted in Italy
than in New York. As previously discussed in this column (PWV-May/]une'95),
Professor Intrieri's adoption of the GDC affected the mechanization of both winter
and summer pruning and harvesting in Italian vineyards. There has also been
less adoption of GDC in winegrape ... to light exposure and Geneva Double
Curtain training. Proceedings American Society for Horticultural Science, 89, 268

Cyclopedia Of American Horticulture

Author: Wilhelm Miller
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The conditions of success are a rather moist, rich soil, with the bushes trained
into a very compact form and pruned so that the fruit will be borne on wood that is
not over three or four years old. Gooseberries are little grown, although the
demand is rather on the increase. The more hardy kinds can be as easily grown
as the currant.while the European sorts and their hybrids, many of them, require
much care and skill. Like the currant, the blackberry is largely grown for home
use, and ...

The Western Fruit Grower

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Freshly manured and is not as good as that which has been heavily manured
and a hoed crop grown upon it. Utilizing the ground between the rows and hills ...
to be learned regarding their care and management. Regarding pruning F. R.
Elliot says: 'Certain principles of the nature and habits of a tree, vine or bush must
ever be borne in mind in pruning, to insure the best success. ... The ex-President
of the American Horticultural Society, Hon. Parker Earle, speaking of Delicious,
said: ...

Journal Of Horticulture And Practical Gardening

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Most of our succulent vegetables have a humble origin. Oat of the many
thousands of wild plants only a hundred or two are used as food, but selection
and cultivation would no doubt render many others edible. — (" Echo.") Pruning
Shrubs. ... Arrangements have, says a contemporary, been made for the book to
be issued en behalf of the Perthshire Society of Natural Science and Professor
Trail, F.R.S., who has undertaken to edit it, will preface it with a sketch of the
author's life and ...

Gardeners Chronicle New Horticulturist

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In the meantime, we may state that the structure of the flower is of considerable
interest on account of the mode in which the petals are rolled up in the bud, the
trap-door arrangement of the anthers, the false stamens in front of the petals,
points which the artist has not failed to seize. The geographical range ofthese
plants in North America and Japan is also a fact of high importance to those
interested in the determination of the question whether or no there existed land
communication, ...

Better Fruit Better Vegetables

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F. E. Bcutiy . . . . . . . . . . ..12-21 Pruning for Apple Trees, Summer or \\'intcr. .....
Carson, A. H. A Successful \Yny of Grafting Gt'npcvines . . . . . . . . . . ..6-36 Apples \'
Vholcsomc Food- Save Doctor's Bill. .... Practical Experiments \\'itli. B. F. Hurst . . .
. . . . . ..10-25 nail“, 'md Paddock. A Short Treatise on pruning the Cherry _ I _ _ “
12-18 Cold Storage, Locally Owned Cannery and. L. G. Olds . . . . . . . . . . . . ..5-19
Ball, E. D. ls Arscnical Spraying Killing Our Fruit Trees? . . . . . . ..11-21 Cold