Less Pretension More Ambition

Author: Peter van Lieshout
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
ISBN: 9089642951
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... a political system that ensures collective decision-making processes resulting
in citizens feeling connected to the outcome and each other, and a society which
is sufficiently open and offers space for various individual and collective
ambitions. Certainly not everyone will entirely agree with this description. Over
the past twenty years, there has been growing resistance to an interpretation that
implies that the Western model is the best, and the above formulation comes
close to doing ...

Merriam Webster S Dictionary Of Synonyms

Author: Merriam-Webster, Inc
Publisher: Merriam-Webster
ISBN: 9780877793410
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ambition ambition, aspiration, pretension mean strong desire for advancement.
Ambition has personal advancement or preferment as its end; it may be
praiseworthy but is sometimes inordinate (ambition for fame) (ambition to hold
office) (ambition to acquire wealth) (vaulting ambition, which o'erleaps itself-Shak
.) Aspiration implies as its object something felt to be above one, the striving after
which is uplifting or ennobling (aspiration after knowledge) (that spirit of his in
aspiration lifts ...

Divine Perogative And Royal Pretension

Author: Donald F. Murray
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0567231011
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But of these struggles—struggles against foes without the realm, to establish
political hegemony; struggles with rivals within the realm, among family and
supporters as well as among declared opponents, to thwart their ambitions and
contain their threat; struggles within himself, to balance the exigencies of royal
power against the seductions of private inclination—none will 1. Admittedly, this
section contains the compact account of David's capture of Jerusalem 5.6-9, but
this seems ...

Healing God S Earth

Author: S. Roy Kaufman
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1621898172
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The Prophetic Challenge to Urban Civilization While the imperial ambitions of the
Davidic dynasty foundered with the rebellion of the northern tribes of Israel
against the rule of Solomon's son Rehoboam (1 Kings 12), the die was cast. The
ancient Israelites would henceforth live under the rule of imperial ambitions and
pretensions, with the northern kingdom of Israel becoming the primary heir of
those ambitions; ironically, in view of its separation from Judah as a peasant-
inspired ...

Facing Epistemic Uncertainty

Author: Roel van Goor
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
ISBN: 9056297201
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Introduction The impossibility of redeeming the original ambitions of metaphysics
and epistemology is hardly contested these days, which led Hilary Putnam to the
conclusion that “philosophical problems are unsolvable“ (Putnam, 1990, P. 19).
Awareness of this ultimate insolvability is reflected in recent discussions in
philosophy of education, which pay a great deal of attention to the resulting
necessity of reformulating the ambitions and pretensions of this discipline.
Against this ...

America S Culture Of Professionalism

Author: D. Brown
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 113733715X
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47 Ignorance is notacondition that most people willingly acknowledge, so
America's culture ofprofessionalism has led toakindof wellmeaning pretension on
the part of ambitious professionals. Pretension inthis case meansletting others
assume thatyou know morethanyouactually do.Aspecialist's pretension naturally
arises when others are ignorant, including other specialists.Few professionals
are likely to challenge each other's pretensions to spare themselves the
disappointment of ...

Cobbett S Weekly Political Register

Author: William Cobbett
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the stipulations of the treaty of Amiens, and the Pretension to exclude his Majesty
from any right to interfere with respect to the concerns of other powers.” On this
subject ... of the continent.”—Fourthly, if the French government had been
desirous to exclude the King of England from all interference in the concerns of
the continent, it could only have done so, in concert with all the other continental
powers; and if this concert, which, one day, the ambition, arrogance, usurpation,
and perfidy ...

Cobbett S Political Register

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4th CHA R G E. “It was about this time," says the royal manifesto, “that the French
goovernment first distinctly advanced the principle, that his Majoy had no right to
complain of the conduct, or to into sere with the proceeding of France, an any
point which did not form a part of the stipulations of the treaty of Amiens, and the
pretension to exclude his Majesty from any right to interfore with respect to the
concerns of other powert.” On this subject his Majesty enters into a long,
metaphysical ...

Buster Keaton

Author: Imogen Sara Smith
Publisher: Gambit Publishing
ISBN: 0967591740
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“Big” artists work with a broad scope and far—reaching ambition that can
encompass flaws and failures; “small” artists work within a narrow scope and with
circumscribed ambitions, and within these limitations can approach perfection.
Chaplin, like Dickens, belongs in the former group, and so he may always ... But
that doesn't mean he didn't know he was the greatest “hoofer” in the world. The
self—assurance that lends itself to understatement, that shuns exaggeration and
pretension, ...

The Republic Or A History Of The United States Of America In The Administrations

Author: John Robert Irelan
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low-minded nation, with no generous ambition, no God but gold, had now
changed her tune, and was endeavoring to alarm the world at the gigantic grasp
of our ambition. Spain and all Europe were endeavoring to do the same ; being
startled at first by our acquisition of Louisiana, and now by our pretensions to
extend to the South Sea. Nothing we can say will remove this impression until the
world shall be familiarized with the idea of considering the continent of North
America to be ...