Spanish Texas 1519 1821

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The patent inequities of Anglo-American law as applied to married women have
been recognized and amended in many American States, but Texas after
Louisiana was next to do so. ... Relying on the Spanish model, the Republic of
Texas adopted what became the first U.S. homestead law on January 26, 1839.
... The “earliest extant easel painting by a professional artist depicting an event in
Texas history” dates from the second half of the eighteenth century (see Figure
28). Painted ...

The Wired Homestead

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The University of Texas, with its over 75,000 students, faculty, and staff,
accounted for much of the city's early connectivity. In this sense, UT was for
Austin and public access what Virginia Tech was for Blacksburg, Virginia, and the
WELL.8 Very early in Austin's high-tech surge, Austin's city government adopted
an entrepreneurial approach to information technology. Public officials
developed a plan to make Austin the "wired" city it has become. The city's plan
called for developing ...

Adopted Land Beloved Land

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The Peña-Lara Story Christopher G. Peña. 4 Fernando-Javier When Fernando
was honorably discharged from the Navy in January 1946, he returned to Laredo
and his homestead on Zaragoza Street. By then the couple had two children,
Nelda, now three years old, ... Wanting to advance his career and taking
advantage of the 1944 G.I. Bill, Fernando began taking graduate classes in
Texas A & I University in Kingsville, Texas. For almost three years, Fernando
traveled nearly every ...

Constitution Of The State Of Texas

Author: Texas
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adopted by the Constitutional Convention convened at Austin, September 6th,
1875 : ratified by the people on the third Tuesday in February, 1876 : declared
adopted by proclamation of the Governor, March 4th, 1876, and effective, April
18th, 1876 Texas, William Milton Harris, United States. Elroy v. McGoffin, 68 Tex.
208, 4 S. W. 547; Smith v. Uzzell, 56 Tex. 315; Reece v. Renfro, 68 Tex. 192, 4
S. W. 545. (119) Contiguous lots in a city were used for homestead purposes by
the family ...

The Xit Ranch Of Texas And The Early Days Of The Llano Estacado

Author: J. Evetts Haley
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However, in large measure, it was upon that so-called poverty that her public
school system was built, that her state university was founded, that her generous
homestead policy was adopted, that large ranches secured their holdings, and
that the state capitol was built. The Texas State House was built in ... Further, it is
the story of the pioneer farming settler in the Panhandle-Plains country of Texas,
a story of the struggle of men with the soil. Very little was known of the Panhandle
by ...

Born And Raised

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An American Story of Adoption Jerry K. Cline. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. sourCes. 1.
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Homestead Act of 1862, The National Park Service website http://

The Great Plains

Author: Walter Prescott Webb
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See also Sign language Simons, A. M., on the agricultural experiment, 343 Six-
shooter, 140; story of, 167-179; invention of, 170-171 ; not used in United States,
171; adopted in Texas, 171-172 ; in Mexican War, 177-179 ; use by Texans, 214,
215 ; psychological effect, 494. See also Revolver Slavery, ... South, expansion
blocked by Great Plains, 183-202; crisis reached, 192 ; opposed homestead law,
193 Spain, Indian policy, 88-94 : colonial system. 89-93 Spaniards, as explorers,

Native American Adoption Captivity And Slavery In Changing Contexts

Author: M. Carocci
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Quanah Parker represents one of the success stories of postwar Texan
integration, for he was able to critically engage with the “other,” which was crucial
to the transforming process of cultural integration. Like his mother ... They both
remain inextricably locked into Texan mythology, symbolically caught within the
binary perception of hero and victim; Cynthia Ann, the white rose of Texas and
the abused captive; Quanah, the noble savage and Texan businessman. The
Cynthia Ann ...

The Story Of Agricultural Economics In The United States 1840 1932 Men Services Ideas

Author: Henry Charles Taylor
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With the adverse economic conditions of the depression following 1929, the idea
of homestead tax exemption as a tax relief measure was again revived. In 1932
Texas and West Virginia both passed such measures. By 1939, 11 additional
states had adopted similar legislation. In summarizing the significance of this
movement, G. J. Isaac stated: Tax preference for homesteads cannot be
considered or evaluated solely in the light of its efficacy in reducing the burden of
property taxes ...

As Big As Texas

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“I know how frustrating this is. You sound like just the kind of caring person we're
looking for. When the Homestead office is officially closed, and if the children are
transferred to this office, I'll be able to determine what's best for them. ... felt as if
she were caught in a Kafka story. “Our first concern is, of course, for the children.
They'll most likely be transferred here, ... “Suppose I adopted them,” Kayla blurted
out. The woman's brows rose. “You'd be willing to do that?” “They're good kids.