A Desperate Fortune

Author: Susanna Kearsley
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501168800
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From the bestselling author of The Firebird, comes an exquisitely crafted novel of modern-day and historical intrigue.

The History Of The Rebellion And Civil Wars In England Begun In The Year 1641

Author: Edward Hyde of Clarendon
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of a desperate fortune , as they called him , that he b o o k might use such
Prisoners , as there was an intent iV. to fend thither, in such a manner as he
should be directed ; and that the person , who was since put in, had put the City
into great apprehensions by the observation that was made , that he took great
store of provisions into the Tower, as if he made provision for a greater Garrison ,
which raised great jealousies; and there was a Petition brought , and delivered to
the Houses in ...

Thesaurus Linguae Latinae Compendiarius

Author: Robert Ainsworth
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A van of a grad fortune, or estate, Praeditus magnis opibus homo. - A man of a
desperate fortune, Homo rei deperditae vel comminutae & depreslae fortunae. To
venture one's life and fortune, Capitis fortunarúmque periculum adire. To try one's
fortune, Fortunam experiri. Good fortune, Faustitas, 3. I have this good fortune,
that every thing pleaf&th which I do, est istuc datum profećtò mihi, ut fint grata
quae facio omnia, Ter. Eun. 3, 1. Gozd jörtune attend you, I pede fausto. Ill fortune

Latin Dictionary

Author: Robert Ainsworth
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4 *naid qf no fortune, Virgo indotata. A man q^ a good fortune, Prae•ditus magnis
opibus T homo. 0/ a desperate fortune, Homo rei deperditæ, tel comminutæ &
depressæ fortunae. To □nake one's fortune, Divitias acquirère, vel nancisci. * To
renture one's life and fortune, Capitis fortunarumque periculum adire. To try one's
fortune, Fortunam experiri. good fortune, Faustitas. I hare this good .fortune, that
every thing pleases which I do, Est istuc datum profecto mihi, ut sint grata quæ
facio ...

A Dictionary Of The English Language

Author: Samuel Johnson
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These debts may be well called desperate ones; for a mad man owes them.
Shakspeare. In a part of Asia the sick, when their case comes to be thought
desperate, are carried out and laid on the earth, before they are dead, and left
there. Locke. I am a man of desperate fortunes, that is, a man whose friends are
dead; for I never aimed at any other fortune than in friends. Pope to Swift. 4. Mad;
hot-brained; furious. - Were it not the part of a desperate physician to wish his
friend dead, ...

The New English Theatre

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Take your own counsel; and shou'd a desperate hope present itself, 'twill suit
your desperate fortune. I'll not advise you. Bev. What hope by Heav'n I'll catch at it
, however desperate. I am so sunk in misery, it cannot lay me lower. Stu. You
have an uncle. - - Bev. Ay, what of him * * Szu. Old men live long by temperance;
while their heirs starve on expectation. - Bev. What mean you ? - Stu. That the
reversion of his estate is your's; and will bring money to pay debts with—Nay
more, it may ...

Lives Of The Queens Of Scotland And English Princesses

Author: Agnes Strickland
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108026125
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Between domestic seditions and foreign wars, she was left as a prey to the
strongest side, and, almost before she had a sense of misery, was exposed to all
the perils of a desperate fortune. That she left her country, being, as it were, sent
into banishment — when, between the fury of arms and the violence of the waves
, she was with great difficulty preserved. It is true that fortune somewhat smiled
upon her, and advanced her to an illustrious marriage ; but her joy was but
transitory ; for, ...

The High Court Justice

Author: James Caulfield
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... and growing into a desperate fortune, thought to thrive by merchandizing in
bishops' lands, whereby he got a considerable estate : and was turned out of the
rump parliament for lying with his maid at Greenwich, but was received amongst
them again, at their return after Oliver's interruption." Heath and Winstanley, both
contemporary writers, the first in his " Chronicle of the Civil Wars," and the second
in the " Loyal Martyrologie," state him to have purchased his seat in parliament ;
and ...

We Are Pirates

Author: Daniel Handler
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1408845385
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We are desperate, and so we seek a desperate fortune. We band ourselves
together now to practice the trade of piracy on the high seas.” “For real?” Cody
asked. “Most certainly yes,” Errol said. Amber must have given him coffee, or
maybe he was better in the nighttime, or simply with something to do. He was
more like a captain than he'd ever been. Gwen stepped closer to the proceedings
, walking so near Amber they kept brushing arms. “This isn't him,” Gwen said. “
Why not?

The History Of The Rebellion And Civil Wars In England

Author: Edward Hyde (1st earl of Clarendon.)
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... and that they might more expose his majesty to their affronts, the house
resumed the business of the Tower again, with the old reflections upon the
remove of the former good lieutenant, and the putting in a rude person, and of a
desperate fortune, that he might use such prisoners, as there was an intent to
send thither, in such a manner as he should be directed ; and that the person,
who was since put in, had put the 144 The lord mayor displeases the commons, [
b. 1v. earl of Strafford ...