Read Succeed Comprehension Level 5 Graphics Passages And Questions

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The phonograph had a needle that scratched the sound into the tinfoil. The
recordings were unclear. In addition, they could only be played a few times
before wearing out. Ten years later, Emile Berliner made a better recording
machine. It used a flat plastic disc. These “records” lasted much longer than the
tinfoil cylinders. For the first time, people could buy music and play it many times.
Berliner's records held about two minutes of music. In 1948, Columbia Records
introduced the LP, ...

The Selling Sound

Author: Diane Pecknold
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46 Lipsitz, Time Passages, 123; Bob Caroll, letter to the editor, Country &
Western Jamboree, August 1957, 4. 47 W. B. Williams Jr. ... 56 Evans, "The
Jimmie Rodgers Fan Club," 3; Evans Correspondence, Incoming T-Z, Outgoing
box, Outgoing, 1946-1971 folder, Jim Evans Papers; Jim Evans to Brad McCuen,
September 3, 1961; Roy Horton to Jim Evans, July 26, 1948, Evans
Correspondence, Incoming, Roy Horton, 1948- 1955, ; Horton to Evans,
November 22, 1948. 57 Hazen and ...

By The Bomb S Early Light

Author: Paul Boyer
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press
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121; Harry M. Davis, Energy Unlimited. The Electron and the Atom in Everyday
Life (New York, 1947), p. 5; John W. Campbell, Jr., The Atomic Story (New York,
1947), frontispiece. 8. David E. Lilienthal, “Youth in the Atomic Age,” NEA Journal
, September 1948, pp. 370–71 (Gettysburg speech), quoted passages, p. 371;
idem., “Atomic Energy Is Your Business,” BAS, November 1947, pp. 335, 336, (
Crawfordsville speech); “To Those of Little Thought,” Time, February 16, 1948, p.

Rhythms Of Race

Author: Christina D. Abreu
Publisher: UNC Press Books
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“En el Ateneo Cubano,” La Prensa, 15 May 1948, 3; “Actividades de la Colonia,”
Mundo Latino, 15 May 1948, 5; “Velada y baile del Ateneo Cubano,” La Prensa,
16 May 1951; “Ateneo Cubano,” Diario de Nueva York, 22 May 1951; “En el
Ateneo Cubano,” La Prensa, 17 May 1956, 6; “Celebra Ateneo Cubano fecha
histórica,” La Prensa, 17 May 1958, 5. See also “Hernández ... Time Passages;
Rivero, Tuning Out Blackness; Cook, “The Return of the Culture Industry.” 20. “
Velada del ...

Visions Of Belonging

Author: Judith E. Smith
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Beatrice Sherman, “Family Finances,” New York Times Book Review, March 28,
1943, p. 22. 5. ... In an interview with George Lipsitz, Ralph Nelson, director of the
television series Mama, recalled reading that Forbes had grown up in foster
homes and felt deserted by her family; George Lipsitz, Time Passages: Collective
Memory and American Popular Culture ... Fred Johnson, “'But First of All I
Remember Mama,' said Kathryn Forbes,” San Francisco Call Bulletin, March 27,

Open The Door

Author: William R. Bauer
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Time's passage has smoothed the music's hard edges, inevitably softening its
astonishing impact. ... Two passages from David Meltzer's sourcebook, Reading
Jazz, give us an idea of what people thought of bebop when it emerged.1 In 1948
, at the height of the bebop craze, critic Weldon Kees wrote: "Although bebop's
defenders reserve as their trump card this music's 'element of the unexpected,' it
is precisely bebop's undeviating pattern of incoherence and limitation that makes
it ...

The Fulbright Difference 1948 1992

Author: Richard T. Arndt
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
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By the time he returned to the U. S. two years later, he was well on the way
towards becoming one of the leading U.S. critics of American literature, indeed
something of an enfant terrible in the best sense of the term. ... With his
permission and that of the University Press of America, we have added a post-
script to his lyrical evocation of the meaning of the Italian venture in his life,
selecting four passages from essays written and first published in the years 1952-
54, then gathered in An ...


Author: John Thornton Caldwell
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1951-1952, 1955-1956; CBS. 1953-1954). 7. Ernie Knvacs: TV's Original Genius,
n.d., PVA-722t. 8. Ted Mack s Original Amateur Hour, May 1 949 ( Dumont, 1948
1949), PVA-2109t. 9. Photographic Horizons, November 10. 1948 (Dumont. 1948
). PVA 8230t. 10. See Lynn Spigel Make Room for Television (Chicago:
University of Chicago Press. 1992), and George Lipsitz, Time Passages:
Collective Memory and American Popular Cul- lure (Minneapolis: University of
Minnesota Press, ...

Bazin On Global Cinema 1948 1958

Author: André Bazin
Publisher: University of Texas Press
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In the second case, the work, even though it may be old, preserves a universal
value and a vitality that are always in keeping with the times. The aging of a film's
technique and the ... The future spectator of Freedom for Us will probably smile at
the slight archaisms of language, yet, ever the capable pedagogue, Clair has
deleted the passages that would be incomprehensible without a dictionary and
thereby made the film our contemporary. The cinephiles may go to old films, then,
but ...

Chinese Women Writers And The Feminist Imagination 1905 1948

Author: Haiping Yan
Publisher: Routledge
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Giving literary forms to different thematic scenes and remaking their actual lives
through diverse passages, those women probed andrendered the nature of
bioethnic politicsas a chameleon operationof powerthat resultedinafield of
variable human casualties,where “theweak” (ruozhe) features asanode of
sensorium, locusof telescoping, and site of dialectic agency. “Weak” as an
adjectiveand noun exists inChinese vocabulary since theancient times.“Ruo (the
weak) rou(beingeaten up) ...